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Brand Mercatique aims to satisfy real needs of real projects. We've got a pack of tools for that.

WOW Experience

Creatively Complete Solutions- BRAND MERCATIQUE

About us

The WOW Company

Not just a creative agency, we are a Complete WOW Company. Definitions are limiting (and boring). Just releasing ourselves from the shackles of these preset definitions, we are left in a world full of possibilities. Our creative minds are unleashed. And this lets us take up challenges without fearing limitations.

That’s who we are:

Founded in 2021, Brand Mercatique is a Complete, creative, gutsy, Young and committed communication company that wants its clients to always Expect the WOW from it.


Creatively Extraordinary
Creatively Young
Creatively completes
the Wow

What We Do For The Brands:

Creatively Strategy / Identity / Brand Design / Innovation / Brand Experience / Communications / Packaging / Planning / Film and TVCs / Naming / Manifestos and Brand Stories / Consultancy / Structural Design / PR / Media Buying & Planning / Merchandising/ Corporate Gifting/Copywriting and more

Brand The Power
of Marketing Communication

Meet Our Team

Renu Narang


Vandana Sachdeva

Proprietor Hong Kong Office

Juhi Narang

President-Business Development

Gulshan Narang

Head of Finance

Tarun Sharma

General Manager-Business Development

Aditya Gore

General Manager Sales-Hong Kong Market

Nitish Arora

General Manager-Sales

Kusum Malik

Branch Head-Delhi, India

Tanisha Khurana

Senior Executive-Creative Designing


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